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MonoBloco Plays In NYC

We are loved internationally and we love to take our music on the road. Our favorite destination is New York city. We travel to New York every year to introduce our music to fans in the area. When it came time for our band to come to the great city we were asked to play for some NYC escorts escort service so that we can introduce or band, music and lifestyle to the females that are available through that service. We know about that agency because many of our female fans that come from Brazil and over to NYC actually become employed by the company as companions for many of their Brazilian tourists and residents of NYC. We think its a perfect match as most of our music goes hand in hand with the attitudes and sense of freedom that you see from many of the escorts that are living in New York city. So many beautiful women, models, dancers, entertainers and more come from the big apple and we are proud to be available to perform for such talented people. I suggest that anyone that is in the area during that time to patronize their services while you are staying in New York City — we love New York!

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  • Palavra Assessoria em Comunicação
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  • ph.: +55 21 3204-3124

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